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Annie Handley, singer/songwriter from Vancouver Island, Canada reached success a few years ago on YouTube, yielding an international acclaim. With stirring lyrics, a mesmerizing voice that also wields a rock edge, Annie has interwoven these talents with a lifetime of composing music & live performances to produce the long-awaited debut CD "No Shoobie". This culmination of creativity is already being aired by the local rock station 98.9 JetFM and is making its way into the US. Be sure to listen - you be the judge and let Annie take you on this wonderful music journey with her. Download her latest CD on iTunes now.

Annie's new CD "No Shoobie" winds up as a "Top Pick" in Canada's iTunes

With it's recent release, the long awaited debut CD "No Shoobie" topped the iTunes "What's Hot" in the Pop Music section. Be sure to check out this new release available for download now:

"No Shoobie" by Annie Handley

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